7 Ways to Create A Strong Relationship with Your Child


Want To Create A Good Relationship With Your Child?

If I tell you to recall the best memories of your childhood, you would always go back to the fondling memories of your grandparents who gave you chocolates or let you eat Achaar.

You may also go back to the amazing trip your family had, or your playmates with whom the field seemed endless green to you.


Can you connect the parallel to why all these memories overwhelm you?
A common dot that connects all of these, are happy memories. And like you, every human being holds onto the good memories.


Good memories need not necessarily be of trips and good food. They can be as easy as playing Ludo or flying kites. It may also be sneaking out to have mango pickles.


So, a strong relationship comes when you bond with your child. 


The real hack of creating a connection starts with the following:


  • Share personal time with your Child:   We know, as working parents, getting that free time is really tough. But being a parent is definitely the toughest job. You have to meet the deadlines of personal attention here. The more quality time you spend together, the more your child is going to rely upon.

According to a psychology report, for every one harsh interaction, there have to be at least 5 positive interactions for a long term trust. So, as a parent, we have to scold them, just ensure that you keep that up by playing together or doing some fun activities together.



  • Snuggle up for a bedtime story:  It’s basic science when you snuggle up with your child for a goodnight story or a childhood anecdote, it’s the oxytocin hormone that does the magic. This hormone works like an attachment pill when it gets released in the body. Both you and your child feel happy and your hearts grow fonder to each other.



  • Value your child’s emotions:  When your child comes with bruises on the leg or complain about how the kid in his class ate his tiffin, ensure that you listen out. They are little human beings, waiting to be heard. They need to feel the attention and note that they are more than thrilled when you consider their emotions.



  • Empathize on how your child feels: The more you will treat her by being in her shoes, the more social skills she would pick up. And your child would grow up to become a sensitive, heartwarming personality. 



  • Limit the use of gadgets:  It’s best if you lock away your smartphones, laptops, and tabs when you are with your child.  Give them the undivided attention and help them grow.



  • Encourage them for new ideas:  Children have unique creative ideas, they may come to you with their entire hands filled with paints. Or they may reach cloud nine with a simple origami rocket. For us, it may seem silly but as a parent do encourage them on this. This would make their creative side flourish.



  • Allow them to Interact with their Peers: While your child is growing up, it’s important to take control that his/her companions are right. But don’t go overboard in restricting them from social interactions. This is the time when they pick up important social skills and traits, which are gonna help them sail the boat throughout life.


All of these would make your bond in a way that you never imagined before. Such strong connections will make your child comfortable with you. Adding on to that, this connection will also keep track of the activities and events going on in his/her life.


In that way, you would be able to protect your child as you would know about his school life and friends. This mutual trust is gonna work wonders when he/she enters the teen phase and needs your hand to survive the peer pressure.