Principal’s Message

In this sea of humanity, the race for material growth, Socio-economic imbalances, and turbulence, We frantically search for peace that has become so rare these days. In my quest for peace, I discovered SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR VIDYA MANDIR (SSRVM) and have got associated with it in 2004 in its neonatal stage. What can give any person more peace than the soul-searching lifestyle of simplicity, purity, and health shown by our respected Guruji? Added to this, the company of children gives me a feeling of being emancipated.

In the last seven years, the organization has grown in every respect and has been successful in imparting holistic education and health to scores of children. In my report, I have enumerated the methods used to achieve the goal of introducing the core educational philosophy of SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR VIDYA MANDIR. I have also highlighted the achievements the school has made and detailed the path of progress in the past.

However, there is no room for complacency. A lot more has to be achieved. The world is dynamic, and changes take place every day. We need to keep pace with such changes in our institution. There is a need for constant brainstorming on these issues so that meaningful changes can be, implemented whenever it is required keeping the core educational philosophy intact.

The institution is now its formative stage. People would come and go, but the institution would remain. The contribution every individual makes in this institution will leave a mark and would stay behind as long as the institution would last. Children are our heart soul. Their Holistic upbringing is our goal.

Let a thousand flowers bloom!!



Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
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